Wednesday, February 1, 2012

at dawn...

6x6" acrylic on plein air panel board

This painting is the first of many more small study boards I am going to start producing while I am working on a larger painting like the one you saw from the last entry.  These are fun to do and can be completed in one day. I keep track of several painters who do a painting a day blog -- that has inspired me to push myself a bit to get more work done.  I am hoping that I will see a progression  and that my art will improve.

Last week I was inspired by a local Portland Architect /Artist, Brad Cloepfil and I went to see his lecture at the Art Museum.  They had a question and answer interview style lecture with Brad and the curator and a slide show of his work.  This was my favorite image from the show.

posted by another local portlander at Brian is a portland freelance writer.  Unfortunately, Brad did not win this competition.  His work is very sculptural.

(you can see more of my work at

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  1. Les! I love ur blog...did u know brad cloepfil designed the Clyfford still museum? Im sure u did if u saw him talk. He is incredibly inspiring. Keep it up!


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