Sunday, June 19, 2016

summer's frost

portland 2016

This morning I saw death waiting for me by the side of the road,
like a summer's frost, it came to me as a lone figure in dark grey behind the church. 
As if I could divert it, I began gathering all the beauty that I could and I called in a thousand singing voices
sending them to God. 
and slowly softly through the sounds I began to gather springs first blooms in pale shades of baby breath.
wiping tears from my eyes, I then gathered bold earthy smells from the forest new growth and threw them out to the winds.
I reached out with my arms like a blind person to gather the touch of the suns rays on my cheeks, the warmth overwhelmed me.
Knowing this could be fleeting, I wanted to paint one last picture 
to capture it all.
There was something seductive about all of this activity and I started to dance. I wanted to paint with my toes, leaving imprints in the dirt.  
Then suddenly, just as quickly as the figure moved into my view,
it was gone and I was still here. and even more 'here' than before.
It was nurturing and humbling to gather beauty and I wondered why I had not done it before.