Thursday, February 9, 2012

a long way home

a long way home
....6x6” acrylic on plein air panel

This work is the second in a series of small landscape studiies that I have begun.  I thought at the time that it was fairly successful until I posted it on Etsy as a stand alone piece in my new art shop.  I realized that it is much more striking when presented along side the first study called AT DAWN. (as shown below)

This got me thinking about smart design and presentation and the power of graphics.  RON JOHNSON is the master of this. He recently left Target as the VP of merchandising to go to JC Penny as their new CEO.  Johnson started his career as the senior VP of operations at Apple and was the creator of the Genius Bar.  Compare the three product catalogs and you can see his influence on these companies.  The new JCP catalog  just arrived in my mailbox and it is very similar to Targets.  I can’t wait to see where JCP is heading. Johnson said, "I didn't come here to improve. I came here to transform. Every single leader in America who works to improve their business year after year...can create gradual results, but the only question is, how fast did you improve compared to someone else? You don't fundamentally change your position in the marketplace."  in Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 30th 2012 issue.

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