Thursday, January 26, 2012

keeping a sense of wonder alive...

postcards from PORTLAND

not finished yet.......

What’s cooking in my studio -- This painting of a home in California, is in progress. (it may take me a few more weeks to finish at the pace I work at)  What an incredible space with the entire two story open air wall out to the garden -- ah only in california!  Which reminds me, the SUN is shining in Portland today WOW.  That means I have no excuse to run. 

The sunshine is skipping along the floor!

Sun is dribbling in through the window panes!!

In portland tonight...
Tonight Brad Cloepfil is speaking at the Portland Museum of Art. He is a wonderful crazy local architect that has gotten quite famous and now has a second studio in New York.  He is on my list of ‘people I admire’ because he gets to say things like, “Allied Works is still an atelier...” 
Have you heard anyone use that word lately? 
It’s a french 17th century term for a workshop used by an artist and here he is at work...

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