Thursday, May 31, 2012

order in the garden.

planting a classical garden.  Designers come in all types of packages.  Some are like wild artists who throw their paint on the canvas all at once, thrilled to see what mysteries the universe will unveil.  Others are more may not even know they have an artistic bent lurking under such a reserved exterior.  My husband falls under the latter category.  Just to assure you that every man has the power to get creative - I want to show you what he is doing in our garden.
This 2010 picture is of our driveway along the back side of our home when we moved in.  The rhododendron bushes along the right side of the photo have been replaced in the photo above with trees and round boxwoods.  He has been working on this for about 6 months and it is still a work in progress but you can see already how much cleaner and manicured the side yard is now.  But he is not finished.  This seems to be just the beginning of a new garden designer on the verge of exploding.

 I am not sure but I think if we combined my design sensitivity with his we might end up with this Italian inspired garden shown above.  It feels a little bit like ordered chaos if there was such a thing.  Julien De Cerval spent 30 years developing this one.  The Gardens of Marqueyssac are in France. Check out this webpage for a mini 3d view of the garden... Julien worked like a maniac on this garden...hopefully, ours will continue to grow in beauty too as the years pass by!

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