Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When historic is what you like!

Do you choose your style of architecture or does it choose you?

I never dreamed I would become a historic aficionado.  It happened slowly and yet it seemed overnight that I had developed a fine appreciation for older homes.  There is something comforting and welcoming about a traditional design that has a front door that is located on the front of the house, with a sloped roof line, trim around the windows and doors, columns at a front porch.  Socially - everyone understands it. They know how to approach it - which side is public and which side is private.  These seem like such simple things in such a complex world.
I think that’s it....the house is polite.  This home above on Sherman, I designed for a client in Hood River as a retirement home.  They were from Los Angeles where it seems that almost all the homes are every style but historic.  This client knew exactly what she wanted. Kathryn’s ‘style’ was Queen Anne.  She interviewed several architects before choosing.  Not all architects will design what you request.  This alone is worthy of a discussion all of it’s own - on another day. There is something very feminine about Queen Anne homes...hence the name. With it’s large sitting rooms - it is a house where you will invite people in.  They will want to stay awhile and that you will want to grow old in. 
The Sherman home was doubly practical in that we designed a garage 2-bedroom apartment for rental - so that after they retired - they would have another source of income.  The other special thing about this home is that it sits within an older neighborhood of homes.  Many of these are also full of character and of a similar scale.  This home fits right in.  You could believe it was here all along.  They liked this idea.  It did not need to make a ‘here I am’ kind of statement and they did not want it ‘to look unique’ hidden from view behind a sleek exterior.
There are some amazing views from the master bedroom. You can see Hood River from the upper floor.  She included a work space for herself in a room that would double as a guest room.  In the backyard, there is a gorgeous huge old tree that they wanted to preserve. So we designed the house in an ‘L’ shaped layout to work around it.  She told me when it was finished - she got everything she was looking for.  I think we all have our own style. Your house should be a reflection of who you are.

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