Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sunshine in my kitchen

sunshine on a cloudy day

Back in February I posted a story called ‘Hygge’ about design that just ‘feels’ good...and was in the beginning process of adding some much needed loving to my kitchen.   I had fallen in love with a new pendant fixture featured in a magazine that was made from old fashioned mason jars.  These had to be ordered on-line and the wait was long.  Two months later, here is the lovely thing installed and glowing like the sun. 

After relocating one of the mirrors, adding some art and wall shelves, and a large face clock, along with the pendant light...is the finished result.  I am very excited to have this little bit of sunshine in what used to be a very boring corner of the room.  All of the windows and french doors are on the other two walls of the kitchen (not shown). The photos below are the before shots as the changes progressed.

Hopefully, you can see the difference just a few added changes can make in a space. The only complicated addition was hiring an electrician to add a new light fixture between the two existing down lights.   Luckily, the ceiling joists were running parallel with the down lights so this was a quick and inexpensive installation.

There was one thing that caught me by surprise. I would change the length of the pendant light.  The on-line image was deceptive and the light appeared to hang down lower that it does here.  I should have measured it from the ceiling to double check this before hand....however, no other lengths were available and I still love the light.

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