Monday, March 23, 2015

Good to be Alive

It is good to be alive

Sometimes I can feel the trees grow,
Have you felt it?
I can feel the moon glow in shades of iridescence,
My puppies impatience as she banters with me,
A friend’s pain one thousand miles away…

Some days feel like years in one.
This is how one can be sad, happy, contemplative, content and mad,
Within twenty four hours. 
Ah! so this is how we stretch our lives,
by stretching ourselves, 
wrapping our minds around others and the world.

Early early in the morning before the city is awake,
as I am outside with the dogs,
The air is cool,
As the sun is rising, I sense a million colors shifting through the air,
As the golden light slowly filters in.
It is spectacular. Yet,
There is an uncommon silence while all are sleeping.

I smell the dew and woodiness of the moist air amongst the huge old oak trees,
It seems that I woke the frogs in the distance near the stream. 
I feel the world arise anew.
A gentle light spreads across the drive,
and I feel, it is good to be alive.

by Leslie Rosenberg

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