Sunday, December 15, 2013

the signs were everywhere

words to remember
24x48 acrylic on canvas

In August we traveled to Europe on a dream trip we had planned for 15 years.  We wanted to take the Kids to Denmark to see where Alan's heritage was from. Along the way we stopped in England and Sweden. It was a fun and wild adventure for five without a tour guide.  The signage was so great, we rarely had a map on us.  

It is amazing how informative signage can be if you would only pay attention. When we returned from our trip it was October - the month of breast cancer awareness. All around me there were signs spreading the word that women need to be aware and watchful of the disease.  I was oblivious to these - so sure I was in complete health, immune to cancer. That was someone else's disease.

Now I know one in eight women will get Breast Cancer and the numbers are increasing as time goes on. Regular screenings are recommended for women over 50, however each year the number of women diagnosed in their 20's, 30's, and 40's is increasing. Breast cancer does not discriminate.  Most of these women will find it on their own but you need to read the signs.  For most this will be a lump they find in their breast that won't go away...but for me it was the mammogram. Looking back, 'now' I see I missed some other signs.  I had a strange intense flair up of allergies. I even went to see a specialist to figure it out but we couldn't pin it down. Now I know this was a clue that my immune system was on override.  There was a foreign element in my body and my cells were on all out attack mode.

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